HeartStrings Academy began… as a little log-cabin workshop for human development.  And now we’ve grown. With locations in Lewisburg, WV and Alexandria, VA, we’re still all about helping children (and adults) develop and hone their ability to teach themselves complicated skills and to creatively express themselves. We’ll give you the keys to the wonderful worlds of music, learning, and expression. We’re excited to meet you and get started!  — Russell Fallstad, HeartStrings Academy Director

Welcome to HeartStrings Academy! Our goal is to give your child “the keys” to the wonderful worlds of music, learning, and expression. Along the way, they’ll learn to play their instrument at the highest of levels, and they’ll also learn some incredible life skills that go far beyond music—skills to enhance their ability to create success and happiness in their lives.

Why HeartStrings? Our philosophy rocks. Deeply rooted in the Suzuki MethodTM of Education, Heartstrings combines a traditional Suzuki program with a modern day sensibility, blending classical technique and modern techniques to benefit your child in 4 main areas:

Musical Ability for Life — We teach “the three skills” for learning music from Classical to Rock:

1) Playing By Ear

2) Reading Notes

3) Improvising or “making it up.”

A lifetime of joyful music-making becomes possible when students become musically fluent, which means they can adapt to any musical style or situation. Mastering all three of “the three skills” for learning music (most programs teach only one or two) gives a musician ease in any situation. “The three skills” can be applied to any style of music, or even to other instruments. Additionally, your child will learn how to sing and to present themselves in public with joy and confidence.

The Skill of Skill Acquisition — One of the biggest skills your child will gain at HeartStrings is one of learning how to learn efficiently and effectively. Teaching oneself is an important ingredient for life success and happiness. Your child will learn how to teach themselves complicated skills. As your child grows, they’ll apply this ability to any skill that interests them—even outside of music. Learning the secrets of skill acquisition is extremely empowering and builds your child’s confidence.

Mastery of an Instrument — It is no small feat to master playing the violin, or any other instrument. Our program teaches playing at the highest of levels, which gives any child a huge confidence boost. We don’t expect students to become professional musicians; however, if they would like to go to Juilliard or The Berklee College of Music, or pursue a career in music, our goal is to give them everything they need in order to make that possible for themselves.

Social and Emotional Connection Through Music — Music exists in all human cultures because it is a vehicle for connecting us up emotionally. HeartStrings students are constantly developing sensitivity, empathy, expressiveness, camaraderie, teamwork, cooperation, and leadership abilities. Children learn from each other, and our group experiences provide vital opportunities for learning through observation and participation, while feeding the motivational fire in each child.   We believe that a child’s success and happiness in life depend on the early environment their parents set up for them… HeartStrings helps you make music, learning, and expression a meaningful part of your child’s home environment.

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