Why kids may dislike music practice (and what parents can do about it)

Not knowing what else to do,
frustrated parents often say,
“If you won’t practice, I can’t pay for this.”

(Which has never gotten a kid practicing in the history of the world)

“Do you dislike music?” ask the parents.

(Also not the most motivating of approaches…)

“I DO like music,” the child often says, 
“I just don’t like practicing.”

Reasons children dislike practicing:

  • Sometimes practice feels lonely.
  • Sometimes practice feels frustrating.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to get started.

There is a smoother way:

  • Make practice more social.
  • Make practice feel better. (Help them learn how to move through frustration.)
  • Make it easier to practice consistently.

“How the bleep do I do that?” ask the parents, frustrated again.

We can help.

Join Rollin’ Daily Practice Club. It’s an online group of kids practicing together with a professional coach to guide them.

Your child will learn to practice in a healthier way that feels good and have the support of more adults and their peers.

and the best part…

You can have 10 FREE classes to try it out!

It’s offered Monday through Thursday evenings and only $149/month.

*Hosted daily by Heartstrings and Education for Happiness teachers and coaches.

*Supports private instructor’s assignments.

*ages 10+

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